torsdag, maj 03, 2012


"After an ironically long wait considering the song's title, the video for Supersci's "Wristwatch" is now finally here. The song was previously released on the album Timelines (September 2010), that was very well received by the critics and gave the Sundsvall-based group a nomination for best hiphop/soul in the P3 Guld Swedish radio awards.

In "Wristwatch" the clock keeps ticking throughout a stressful nightmarish day with Remedeeh, Arka and Mr Noun. From early in the morning until late at night, Supersci struggle against time in a twisted world of handmade cardboard sceneries and suggestive animations."

Text klippt från Superscis hemsida,

Låten är producerad av duon Flyphonic, bestående av Arka och Erik L. Videon är skapad och regisserad av Anna Berntzén och Therése Mozart, med specialeffekter av Sebastian Hesselsjö. Inspelad i Trollhättan, Maj 2011.

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